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Cleaning Products

Purple Slice is the best cleaning products we have ever used. We have tried these products and we're all amazed at how well they work. They will clean your Motorcycle far better than any other product on the market today!



Purple Slice is great when you only have 10 or 15 minutes to clean the bike or when you're out on the road at an event. We guarantee this product 100 % ; that they work as well as we say they do - or your money back!





Purple Slice gives painted surfaces a
brilliant shine in seconds.

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Cleans and removes oxidation, tar, grease, oil, bug splats,  sap, Bird droppings ( Dooohhh ) and other contamination.

Safe for clearcoats; great on chrome and wheels!

Gives long-lasting protection and water beading.

Can remove minor surface scratches and water spots.

Great for Helmets and Face Shields

Easy to use...

Sold in :
2 once travel bottles great for Windshields & Helmet face shields.

12oz , also travel size , for cleaning the bike when you reach the event .    

32oz home size , great for in-between deep cleaning . 

128 oz  AKA 1 Gallon refill size .


12 oz of can of WET WET
Part # WW-01


Excellent on Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic A clean, non-foaming coating which provides a water-resistant high gloss shine. This product brightens and renews any vinyl, rubber or plastic surface. Great for those hard-to-reach places. Use for doors seals, rubber bumpers, a/c vents, etc.


Can of Wet Wet

8 oz of Bottle of Better Leather
Part #  BL-01

Use on Auto Upholstery, Saddlery, Jackets, Briefcases, Belts, Sports Equipment, Shoes, Furniture, Handbags, Motorcycle Leather and much, much more


Better Leather Bottle




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